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In my work I am interested in exploring the movement of energy through the use of physical gestures and colour as a way to explore and engage with inner worlds of chaos and intimacy. EL 17

In some paintings, a vague line appears in front of a cloud and then drifts off in a fancy and as you follow it with your eye it drags you with her; in other words, you gain a trust that she's going to take out into her world only to show you it's a shared world. MS 17

Emilie Lindsten (b.1985) is an artist based between Sweden and the Uk, Lindsten was born in Sweden from Swedish father and Italian mother, she grew up in Italy where she took a Fine Art oriented high school degree and later studied Fashion Design BA (Hons) at IED Moda Lab in Milan graduating in 2006. She then moved to London to pursue a career in fashion being mesmerized by the idea of building stories around identity through fabric and clothes. After interning for the famous designer Alexander McQueen and creative danishdesigner Jens Laugesen, Emilie felt her creativity could not develop fully in this context so she stopped working as a designer and started exploring other creative paths. In 2011 Lindsten graduated with an MA in social anthropology at Goldsmith’s College London, she approached anthropology again intrigued by narratives of cultural identity perhaps because of her own multicultural background.

In 2011 after an illness she started practicing yoga and found a tool that coul help her stabilize the mind and discover herself in a way that felt nourishing, she also went back to pursuing her first love: drawing. After a couple of years spent traveling and a few artist residencies in Finland (ARTELES, Haukijarvi) and in Morocco (Tisserdmine), from London in 2015 Lindsten moved to Sweden; she now divides her time between her countryside studio her London home.

Since 2016 after having spent time in India and meeting her teachers she approached Buddhism and her creative path started intertwining with the spiritual path and inner search.

Lindsten is now working on publications, teaching workshops and when in her studio she works on her own practice.

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