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Emilie Lindsten (b.1985) is a Swedish/Italian artist.

Her practice, an intimate enquiry into the subtle experiences of inner life, is born out of feeling and contemplation. Emilie is interested in the idea of art as a domestic practice: self-expression as a craft deeply woven into the needs of the everyday and nourishment of the soul. She explors and expresses herself mostly through photograhy, painting and movement.

Emilie facilitates creative workshops internationally combining various creative practices with mindfulness and ancient shamanic practices derived from different traditions for more information on upcoming workshops please get in touch. Since October 2018 she has started holding monthly gatherings for women in her livingroom in Berlin to honour the creative power of the feminine and celebrate it with chanting, dance, ritual and sharing.

Emilie graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design 2006 at Ied Moda Lab, Milan. Later she continued her studies with an MA in Social Anthropology 2011 at Goldsmith's University, London. During her time in London she worked in Fashion design and photography for, amongst others, Alexander McQueen, Studio Toogood, AnOther.

She has practiced yoga and meditation for several years and has an interest in alternative healing practices and somatic movement.

Artist residencies: Arteles, Haukijarvi Finland 2014; Cafe' Tisserdmine, Morocco 2015

Influential teachers: Mataji Narvada Puri, Michael Stone, Osho, Anandamayi Ma, Jules Heavens, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Aisha Salem.

Trainings: Total Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 2019

Foundation: BMC with Nina Wenhert, Berlin 2019


contact: emilielindsten@gmail.com


You can now also support my practice and connect with me long term through art exchange or teachings on PATREON