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An intimate family exhibition of works by Emilie and her late grandmother Karin Karfve-Lindsten (b. 1918) made in April 2017 only a few months before Karin died at age 99. The exhibition was held in the beautiful context of the family's countryhome in south-east Sweden where both Karin and Emilie have lived. The exhibition was curated by Emilie and shown in the converted staple house adjacent to their home. Karin was, like Emilie, a very creative being she worked with prints, pastels, pottery, fabric and fashion design.

In this context we decided to narrow the exhibition to pottery, prints and pastel drawings by Karin and a few pastels by Emilie.

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Spontaneous shapes drawn on the sand during a late summer afternoon in Sweden. Chaotic abstractions evoking feminine and natural shapes in a personal investigation and chance ritual dance.


Filmed by Hedda Modig

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Photographs of works made during a residency month at Cafe Tisserdmine, Morocco in March 2015. Tisserdmine is a small Berber village made of a handful of mudd-houses next to a dry riverbed and a date-palm oasis. Myself and other four women artists lived in this beautiful and simple sand paradise for four weeks, exploring the land and the sea-less beach that is the Sahara desert, with it's different textures and colors and vast expanses above and below. During this time I explored the textures and forms of natural materials I collected during my wanderings between dunes and the river valley.

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