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Drawings in the sand, 2016

image 1

An exploration of the natural textures of the sand with the body and found objects.

Filmed by Hedda Modig.

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Leaving the Clothes, 2014


A sound journey made of a collection of 'moments' recorded in 2014 while I lived for two months in a small family run ashram near Haridwar in India, Santosh Puri Ashram. The recorngs are intertwined with my own voice recounting the emotional experience of loosing the teacher, Mataji, which suddenly passed away. 'Loosing the Clothes' is an Indian way of describing death by which the soul looses its earthly clothes, rather than an ending, a transformation.

Thank you Santosh Puri Ashram, Mataji Narvada Puri, Ganga Puri, Alaknanda Puri, Mandakini Puri, Rudraksh, Ryan Baka, Emily Fish, Enrique Vinagre, Rokshan, Papu and everyone I met.

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