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let the heat kill you.

Small beautifully designed illustrated book with an essay by Michael Stone on Zen and Yoga practice in everyday life with drawings by Emilie Lindsten.

"My heart is beating. Your heart is beating. All our hearts are beating. And they are equal. There is a bird out there, on the other side of our window. Her heart is beating so fast. The streetcar hums along, attached to those wires. Those wires run all the way to the nuclear plant. And there are fish swimming around the plant who have little heartbeats and big eyes that always look like they’re teary. They are all equal to you."

Designed and published by Andreas Vermehren Holm and Forlaget Virkelig.



each morning in august.

~ drawings by Emilie Lindsten and photography by Giulia Sansoni

Limited edition of 50 numbered and signed copies, this book was self published by the artists, 2017

meeting during an 8 days silent retreat
in south france we decided
to make a project together
during august 2015
we would respectively make
a photograph and a drawing
each day every morning after
our meditation capturing and
expressing ourselves as raw
and spontaneously as we would be
feeling in that moment
the works were made in our separate
locations giulia lives in stockholm with
her family and emilie moving between
southern sweden
and italy
this book is a collection of
our daily exercise


∞ (Infinity)

drawings and photography by Emilie Lindsten, published by Jane&Jeremy 2015

The book is a selection of pastel drawings and photographs made during years 2013/14. The title is inspired by the continuity of Lindsten’s artistic practice as a thread woven into her life during her pivotal year of 2014. At that moment, Lindsten spent most of her efforts travelling between London and Sweden, as well as spending a few months in India and Finland. In time, the drawings came to constitute a personal diary, representing on paper a reflection inspired by observations of atmospheres, colours and elements.