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As I grow in my practice and my practice grows through me the pleasure and need for sharing it

in open studio settings or combined through interactions with various disciplines, is expanding.

Drawing and painting are for me ways to connect and explore my deeper emotions in freedom.

My approach to teaching is very dynamic and creative, in my workshops I draw inspiration

from my own background in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We will explore drawing as a

means to connect with deeper layers of our selves and expand in freedom and playfulness.

Please watch this space for events coming up

and feel free to contact me with ideas for collaborations.


Join me for creative experiential journeys exploring movements of consciousness on paper...





with Secret Yoga Club

4th March 2018, 3 to 6pm East London

We’ll be working as individuals and groups to discover our own creative patterns and see how we can adapt these to explore and reflect on our inner emotions and experiences. Using a range of materials, we’ll develop our attention through intuitive drawing, Mandalas and collective expression.

This workshop is open to everyone, especially those who don’t consider themselves artists.







Bridget Riley Studios, 43 Dace Road London E3 2NG


2.5 hour drawing workshop where artist and meditation practicioner Emilie Lindsten will guide a small group of 8 through a holistic journey on paper.

By engaging with materials, texture and colour in a group setting
we will create a safe and playful space where to start exploring and expressing our own inner realm.

The inner world often gets repressed due to our hectic lives, fear of going inward, or our inner critics, finding ways to express creatively can be a tool to move more freely in our inner emotional realms.
You will be guided through a series of exercises of pure creative expression aimed to let our own intuitive potential unravel.

The workshop will be divided in modules where we will be alternating moments of playful activity with moments of stillness and going inwards. There will be a strong focus on group exercises and exploring our reactivity within the group through drawing.

It will be playful but hopefully a little challenging as well as the use of colour will move strong emotions through us.

Expert artists as well as complete beginners are equally welcome since no art background or particular skill will be needed to play as we will do during the workshop. Kids are welcome

Please book in advance by replying to this email, to secure a place you will be requested to send a paypal payment to emilielindsten@hotmail.it before the end of August 2017

Minimum offer is £ 20



3 - 5 NOVEMBER 2017

Hellasgarden, Altavagen 101 , 131 33 Nacka, Sweden

Welcome to a weekend of exploring yoga asana, meditation, mindful movement,drawing and nature. 
We'll gather to experience how we can try to stay intimate with life as we enter into the darkest part of the year. That will be the thread that will connect our work together.
We will investigate ways to support the changes and keep moving into what is happening, observing and creating awareness around it. 

From the 3rd to the 5th of November in the beautiful Hellasgården, come and give yourself the great gift of presence.
There will be nice vegan food from Vivo Sthlm and possibility of free access to the sauna in the free time. 

Ida Arvids and Giulia Sansoni are two passionate yoga teachers with great curiosity of rediscovering the potential in our bodies, realigning beyond traditions, redefining the perfect movement for the body from within, starting from trusting the breath. Both of us are practitioners of meditation from a mindfulness,zen angle. 
Emilie Lindsten is an artist, yoga practitioner and meditator. Her practices have helped her find balance in the everyday and have evolved and merged into a holistic and playful approach to life. The workshop will be in connection with the other practices and it´s named "Lines of light through the dark - an intuitive exploration on paper".  She will guide you through a series of exercises of pure creative expression. The aim of the workshop is to observe our own inner energies and voices that will arise in the act of drawing and let our own intuitive potential unravel. The workshop is open to beginners and advanced artists alike. Group exercises are to be expected.

To view full schedule and gather more info on us and the place please click here: Ortens Yoga.

For booking and questions write to: ortensyoga@gmail.com